Nile.Com Launches its New Website
Thu, 2011-03-31

A new-look Nile.Com website will be launched in March 2011, with a more up-to-date design and an improved structure.

As well as giving the website a fresh and more modern design, we wanted to make it more user friendly – which meant completely renovating the structure. Directly related business sections such as solutions and services have been given greater prominence.

The new website includes features such as cases studies and showcases as well as a search facility, which enables visitors to search for useful information about our professional services and prestigious partners, and to select what best suits their needs.

The growing importance of organizations’ unique web presence and enhanced e-communications means, made it essential for us to have a cutting edge website. The clear and dynamic image presented by the new site supports and demonstrates the way we want to engage with all our audiences in the future, especially through our perception of their satisfaction which will be reflected by the means of the newly published testimonials section.

It is worth mentioning the stress on the prominence the company is giving to its rebranding project. “Rebranding is one of those terms that have gained a wide popularity in the last decade or so. We are striving to present our new culture and image through our innovative trademark and to reposition ourselves to have multidimensional properties. Our brand attitude will serve our employees' outlook; our brand personality will strengthen vendors’ standpoint. Our strong brand will then have the ultimate aim of reshaping the consumer's perspective toward our company,” said Ahmad Anwar, Marketing Director.

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