Case Study
WorkStation Case Study for Dar Al Handasah Cairo Office

Business situation

Dar Al Handasah is a heavy user of Top Notch Engineering and Architectural Software Systems. The company’s decision to upgrade from CAD application systems to the more advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM) application imposed high performance demands on users’ computer workstations.

Technical situation

Dar Al Handasah IT department put workstations offered from different vendors to the test. Test labs were established to put the work station through rigorous test simulation real time production environment.

Nile.Com Solution

With more than 400 certifications for various configurations of graphics cards and operating systems by industry leading software suppliers, including Autodesk, the workstation presented Lenovo and supplied by Nile.Com became Dar’s first Choice and set the standards for Dar Al Handasah production workstation.

Acquired Benefits

- Lenovo’s powerful ThinkStations have helped Dar engineers increase their productivity, resulting in timely project management and higher customer satisfaction.
- The robust design and solid reliability of Lenovo PCs has reduced overall downtime considerably in the Cairo office.
- LAN operations were greatly enhanced by leveraging the network throughput.

Products used

  • Lenovo ThinkStation S10 Workstation.
  • Intel Core2 Quad Core Processor.
  • NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics.
  • 64bit Windows Operation System.
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