Case Study
Virtualization Case Study for Dar Al Handasah Cairo Office

Business situation

The productivity of Dar employees relies on the support of a team experienced Information technology specialist in the IT department and a well managed data center. Dar’s dependability on information technology and the continual need for expansion required a re-evaluation of data center resources.

Technical situation

The requirement of expansion in hardware resources posed a challenge to costly space requirements and power consuming air conditioning and ventilation that is required to be able to cope with the heat dissipation within the data center.

Nile.Com Solution

Nile.Com teamed up with Dar IT department to design and implement a virtualized Infrastructure environment by consolidating servers using a VMware virtual server cluster to ensure high availability and Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS).

Acquired Benefits

- Optimized utilization of available Hardware.
- Cost saving by eliminating the need to expand physically by relocating the data center.
- Eliminated the need for extra air conditioning and ventilation, thus, reducing electric power consumption resulting in further cost saving.

Products used

  • Blade Center Servers.
  • VMware ESX.
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