Virtualization improves the efficiency and availability of IT resources and applications. Virtualization starts by eliminating the old "one server, one application" model and runs multiple virtual machines on each physical machine; Additionally, it works on freeing IT administrators from spending too much time managing servers rather than innovating. About 70% of a typical IT budget in a non-virtualized datacenter goes towards just maintaining the existing infrastructure, with little left for innovation.

An automated datacenter built on the production-proven virtualization platform lets you respond to market dynamics faster and more efficiently than ever before. While virtualization technology is most popular in the server world, virtualization technology is also being used in data storage, Networks, Applications and inside of operating systems.

Nile.Com provides the following Virtualization Solutions:

Server Virtualization

The costs of delivering power, cooling, network infrastructure, storage infrastructure, administrative overhead and space requirement to underutilized servers continue to increase. Businesses are under pressure to ease management and reduce costs while retaining and enhancing competitive advantages, such as flexibility, reliability, scalability, and security you can eliminate server sprawl by converting your x86 physical machines into fully functional virtual machines.

Nile.Com's Server Virtualization Solutions and Added Value:

Nile.Com provides a solution to help dynamically allocate and balance computing capacity and virtual machine placement across the data center so that you can deliver on-demand IT resources wherever and whenever they are needed.

The solution also eliminates planned downtime with live migration of virtual machines and enables automatic capacity-on-demand to maximize performance.

Products used:

  • VMware vSphere;
  • Microsoft Hyper-V;
  • Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager;
  • VMware Management Tools;
  • Microsoft Virtual Machine Management Tools;
  • CITRIX XenServer.
Resilient Server Virtualization

Enterprise applications, such as Microsoft Exchange Server, Office Communications Server, and Microsoft SharePoint Server are critical for day-to-day operations. But they can also be a source of inefficiency. In traditional IT environments, these applications can require large numbers of servers, not all of which are fully employed.

By migrating enterprise applications to a virtualized environment, organizations have the opportunity to consolidate their hardware requirements and reduce the associated power, management, and maintenance costs.

Virtualization technologies are primarily focused on the operating systems layer — not the applications layer. Therefore, when organizations decide to pursue a virtualization strategy, they need to take steps to ensure that the new environment does not adversely impact application performance.

Nile.Com's Resilient Server Virtualization Solutions and Added Value:

Nile.Com will help you minimize application-specific network risks when moving to a virtualized platform, by providing solutions that are optimized for specific applications and accompanied by comprehensive, predefined profiles within load balancer devices. Often deployed in traditional IT infrastructures, these pre-defined profiles are just as beneficial in virtualized environments. The use of these application templates can lead to a 90 percent reduction in inputs, thereby reducing configuration time and data-entry errors.

We offer a solution that automatically provides the right levels of application availability and scalability. The solution protects applications against local failures using High Availability and Fault Tolerance. We also implement reliable, automated disaster recovery plans and allocate resources dynamically to any individual application to ensure service levels, even under unpredictable loads.

We have the ability to consolidate your entire infrastructure and to achieve 5X to 10X consolidation ratios for demanding applications such as Exchange and SAP and to eliminate the need to provision dedicated testing, staging, and training and DR servers. In production, applications are given exactly the capacity they need, when they need it, to right-size infrastructure without massive over-provisioning.

Products used:

  • F5 BIG IP LTM;
  • KEMP Load Balancers;
  • VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager;
  • VMware vSphere;
  • Microsoft Hyper-v Server;
  • Citrix NetScaler ADC;
  • Double Take High Availability for Windows and for Hyper-v ;
  • Double Take High Availability for VMware ;
  • Double take High Availability for AIX;
  • VEEAM Backup and Replication for Hyper-v;
  • VEEAM Backup and Replication for VMware;
  • Microsoft Geo Clustering.
Desktop Virtualization

Today's computing environment requires IT departments to address more PC management challenges than they did just a few years ago. Users are increasingly demanding access to their applications and data anywhere and from any device.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is an alternative desktop delivery model that allows users to access desktops running in the datacenter, which achieves:

  • Integrated management;
  • Enhanced security and compliance;
  • Anywhere access from connected devices;
  • Increased business continuity.

Nile.Com's Desktop Virtualization Solutions and Added Value:

Nile.Com delivers a broad range of desktop virtualization offerings to address your unique business and IT challenges. Our solutions help reduce costs and increase control by delivering desktops as a managed service. We give users the flexible access they demand while increasing IT controls over desktops, applications and data.

The solution features simplified and centralized desktop management services for reduced costs. It helps easily meet regulatory guidelines and ensures all desktops and applications are up to date and in compliance.

The solution reduces help desk calls and provides higher levels of service to end users.

Our solution also streamlines management and deployment of desktops and applications bringing business continuity and disaster recovery solutions to the desktop, ensuring corporate security and vendor licensing compliance.

Products used:

  • VMware View;
  • VMware ACE;
  • Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack;
  • Microsoft VDI;
  • Microsoft App-V;
  • Microsoft Med-V;
  • Microsoft System Centre Virtual Machine Manager;
  • Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager;
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Server;
  • Citrix XenServer;
  • Citrix XenDesktop;
  • Citrix VDI in a Box.
Application Virtualization

As the complexity of delivering and managing an increasingly large portfolio of applications continues to grow, many organizations seek to manage that complexity by standardizing on a fixed portfolio of applications in a locked-down configuration.

While this approach may measurably reduce IT labor costs, the restrictions involved frequently lead to a frustrating user experience and constraints on flexibility and business agility. A better solution would enable IT professionals to deliver and manage applications at reduced cost while enabling flexibility and agility.

Application virtualization enables IT specialists to:
  • Transform applications into centrally managed virtual services;
  • Reduce the cost of application deployment;
  • Eliminate application conflicts and reboots;
  • Simplify the Windows base-image footprint to expedite PC provisioning;
  • Increase user productivity.

All these benefits combined, will help IT experts deliver more agile services to the user and to the business as a whole.

Nile.Com's Application Virtualization Solutions and Added Value:

We help organizations reduce their storage capacity requirements in a VDI deployment because they are no longer installing (or streaming) an application directly into every hosted virtual machine (VM). Additionally, they replicate less data across VMs because each VM will access the shared cache on the server or it can be placed into a VHD and mounted as a different disk within the VHD.

We also assist organizations with their App-V integration with System Centre configurations Manager, which integrates the virtual applications with OS deployment, providing inventory and updating of virtual applications and single software distribution workflow.

Additionally, our solution helps integration between App-V and terminal services.

Products used:

  • Microsoft App-V;
  • Microsoft Terminal Services;
  • System Centre configuration Manager;
  • Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack;
  • Citrix XenServer;
  • Citrix XenApp;
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Services.
Storage Virtualization

The evolution from direct-attached storage (DAS) to SANs resulted from increasing company data loads and the need to add cost-effective storage capacity while still providing flexibility for future growth. SANs helped overcome many storage challenges, but also created a new layer of complexity. Storage devices from different vendors didn't necessarily interoperate well on the SAN. Management could be tedious and require additional resource attention. Needed infrastructure changes were often difficult to implement, and had a high impact on operations.

Storage virtualization aims to "mask" SAN complexity by aggregating multiple storage devices into a common managed "virtual" storage pool and isolating servers from the physical storage. Storage virtualization can enable customers to:

  • Add a storage device without requiring server and network reconfiguration;
  • Remove and change storage-volume definition and assignment from one storage device to another to help meet service-level requirements;
  • Aggregate hard disk drives of different speeds and sizes, and from different vendors;
  • Dynamically reallocate storage space. For example, virtualization allows a server requiring additional storage to find unused space on another storage device. Conversely, a server requiring less storage reallocates the space back into the storage pool.

Nile.Com's Storage Virtualization Solutions and Added Value:

We offer Storage Virtualization solutions that can be implemented in the storage network, in the server or in the storage device itself.

The Storage Virtualization Solution is SAN-based allowing for a more "open" virtualization implementation. Locating virtualization in the SAN, and thus in the path of I/O activity, helps provide a solid basis for policy-based management.

Focusing on open standards means our virtualization solution supports freedom of choice in storage-device vendor selection.

Products used:

  • IBM Storage Systems;
  • IBM VTL Products;
  • IBM SAN Storage Products;
  • Tivoli Storage Software.
Network Virtualization

Network Virtualization provides an abstraction layer that decouples physical network devices from business services delivered over the network to create a more agile and efficient infrastructure. Network Virtualization is the logical next step after storage and server virtualization.

Nile.Com's Network Virtualization Solutions and Added Value:

We provide a solution that allows multiple applications to run side-by-side over the same physical network. Each virtual network obeys to business oriented policies while providing the security, availability and performance required for each service, from SAP and mail to VOIP and video.

Virtual networks optimize the manageability and control of physical networks that are shared between multiple applications. The result is a quickly deployable, more reliable service that takes advantage of all the capabilities of the underlying hardware.

Products used:

  • Microsoft Hyper-V;
  • VMware Virtualization Products;
  • F5 Local Traffic Manager;
  • F5 Global Traffic Manager;
  • FortiGate Domain Virtualization;
  • KEMP Server Load Balancers.
Virtualization Management

Virtual machines are not simply objects to manipulate, but actual computers with real workloads. Managing them just like we manage our physical systems is imperative. A common management environment reduces training, ensures uniform policy application and simplifies maintenance by leveraging your existing software, personnel, and most importantly, your existing IT management process.

Nile.Com's Virtualization Management Solutions and Added Value:

We offer a solution that:
  • Centrally creates and manages virtual machines across the entire datacenter;
  • Easily consolidates multiple physical servers onto virtual hosts;
  • Rapidly provisions and optimizes new and existing virtual machines.
Thanks to our solution, you can manage the entire lifecycle of the IT infrastructure from a single console and integrate management of both physical and virtual systems, from the hardware to the workload.

This allows IT managers to dynamically create and optimize workloads for virtualization.

Products used:

  • Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager;
  • Microsoft Hyper-V;
  • Microsoft System Center 2012;
  • Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager;
  • Savision Cloud Reporter;
  • Microsoft Data Protection Manager;
  • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager;
  • Microsoft System Center Operation Manager;
  • VMware Management Tools;
  • Microsoft Virtual Machine Management Tools;
  • Quest vFoglight;
  • VEEAM ONE for VMware;
  • VEEAM ONE for Hyper-v.
Private Cloud

Nile.Com provides many cloud centric solutions like server virtualizations , cloud control panel, cloud bridges , integration solutions between on-premises with cloud infrastructures and cloud performance monitoring plus management solutions.

Nile.Com can help you get more out of your IT infrastructure and your bottom line leveraging many products and solutions; and give you a path towards a dynamic and compatible operating environment allowing you to leverage internal and external IT resources, when and where you need them, in a secure hybrid cloud.

Products used:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 with Hyper-V
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012
  • Microsoft System Center 2012
  • IBM Enterprise Hardware and Storage Systems
  • VMware Server Virtualization Products
  • VMware vCloud Director
  • Citrix Cloud Gateway and Cloud Bridge
  • Savision Cloud Reporter;
  • Quest Monitoring and Performance Management Products
  • Servers and Applications Load Balancing Solutions
  • High Availability and Backup Solutions
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