The security of your data, systems and networks should imperatively keep pace with your business initiatives. In these days of online security threats and breaches, the need for a balance between access, security, and control of the IT environment is crucial, at the same time all security controls should be compliant with your predefined security policies and regulations.

Many enterprise organizations have a silo approach managing security operations and controls. A silo approach to security makes it difficult to determine the value of security initiatives and investments.

That is why we provide you with a complete set of security solutions that empower you to manage your infrastructure's risks, extend your capabilities and strengthen your security posture to minimize business impact and control costs while expanding insight for better decisions.

Our solution offering covers the following security domains:
Identity and Access Security

The Identity Management background is evolving dramatically. Identity governance tools are prevailing when it comes to more essential requirements for auditing controls. These tools are gradually replacing ID provisioning solutions as the centralized management layer for identity, and this is due to the fact that they are less complex and easier to deploy than traditional ID provisioning solutions.

Some of the prominent advantages of Identity governance tools are namely their ability to:
  • Allow organizations to review, audit and enforce policies for a more advised access privileges across the IT environment;
  • Deliver end-to-end visibility and control across all high-risk systems and applications - which in fact is an unprecedented extent of coverage to current date.
Our offering includes an automated and policy-based solutions that manage user access rights across the extended enterprise. Through the use of roles, accounts and access permissions, Identity Managers can help drive effective identity management and governance across the enterprise. It also contributes to improved identity intelligence by providing direct access to enhanced reporting and analytic capabilities.

Furthermore we provide the banking and financial industries, with online and mobile banking solutions that allow them to mitigate the risks of internet fraud and phishing by deploying strong authentication without inconveniencing their end-users, solutions such as:
  • One-time passwords;
  • Challenge and response;
  • Electronic signatures and transaction validation;
  • Document signing;
  • Host authentication.

Products and Technologies:
  • VASCO IDENTIKEY Risk Manager;
  • VASCO DIGIPASS Client Products;
  • Fortinet-FortiAuthenticator;
  • Fortinet-FortiToken;
  • Microsoft Azure MFA- on-premises or in the cloud;
  • IBM Access Manager for Web;
  • IBM Access Manager for Mobile;
  • IBM Identity Manager;
  • IBM Security Identity Governance;
  • IBM Privileged Identity Manager;
  • Microsoft Active Directory Services;
  • Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services;
  • Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager.
Data Security

CIOs spend millions of dollars each year investing in business systems and processes to make information (often confidential) available to authorized employees and partners. While investments in these systems and processes enable business growth, they also pose significant risks to data loss, and by association, to regulatory compliance, corporate governance, brand and reputation.

Consider the impact that you would have to face if your most confidential data was inadvertently leaked over e-Mail, erroneously posted to a public web site, or left unsecured on a laptop or USB drive :
  • If it were customer information, would it violate PCI or HIPAA regulations?
  • If it were intellectual property that was lost, what would be the long-term financial impact to your profit margin?
  • If it were happening right now, how would you know?
Data Loss and Leakage Security

Corporate data moves within and outside of the perimeter. More mobility makes it more difficult to see how sensitive information is being accessed and moved into cloud applications. The complexity of combining data protection, encryption, authentication, and identity management solutions makes it difficult to set policy. The challenge can be solved by thinking of information protection holistically—allowing you to control policies seamlessly, as data moves from on-premises, to cloud and mobile devices, and everywhere in-between.

Our DLP solutions provide deep visibility and the ability to control how individual user can access data, which can help your organization connect identity as the control point to seamlessly set policies and define how data moves. We believe that data, identity, encryption, and authentication policies must come together to seamlessly set compliance policies and ensure protection of critical data.

Our portfolio includes data loss prevention solution that will:
  • Help you discover, monitor, and protect your data;
  • Give you visibility into what data is confidential, where it is stored, who is using it, and for what purpose;
  • Help secure all your essential information.

Products and Technologies:
  • Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Service;
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium;
  • Microsoft Azure RMS;
  • Blue Coat DLP;
  • Symantec Data Loss Prevention.
Database Security

In today's world, many criminals work from the comfort of their own homes, hacking into major computer networks and leaving no trace behind.

They are able to:
  • Steal your customers' financial and other identities;
  • Invade your clients' records and purchasing histories;
  • Penetrate your corporate assets;
  • Wreak havoc on your entire network infrastructure.
Public and private sector organizations around the world are high risk targets for attack and penetration of their IT systems. These attacks can cause significant financial impact to an organization. They target areas of weakness in the application, middle tier (database) and the infrastructure layers of your IT systems.

Understanding and balancing security risks with business needs and implementing solutions that reduce the impact of security exposures will enable companies to conduct business with higher confidence.

Therefore; we provide database security and compliance solutions that offer:
  • Centrally-managed, enterprise-scale, database hardening;
  • Comprehensive policy compliance;
  • Database masking;
  • Vulnerability assessment;
  • Database monitoring and auditing for improved data security across the enterprise.

Products and Technologies:
  • IBM Guardium Database Activity Monitoring;
  • IBM Guardium Database Auditing and Real-Time Protection;
  • IBM Optim Data Masking;
  • Fortinet-FortiDB.
Data Encryption and Cryptography

Unstructured information in Office documents, .PDFs, email, attachments, images, CAD design files, and more is growing much faster than structured information.

Automated data classification at the time of data creation is necessary to stay ahead of protecting this data. Our offering here is a powerful yet lightweight solution that automates unstructured data classification and deterministic protection of email, MS-Office documents and PDF files, while addressing the requirements of enterprises that need to streamline compliance processes and optimize existing DLP and email encryption gateway deployments.

Moreover our PCI HSM certified, tamper-resistant HSM for cryptography; had been designed specifically for payment processing solutions, delivering high-performing cryptography and key management capabilities for card payment authorization and real-time fraud prevention. Also can assist customers in leveraging best-practices around PCI-DSS, and meet NIST and ANSI standards for security and compliance audits.

Our portfolio additionally includes endpoint, disk, drive, folder, file and email encryption solution. That integrates with Data Loss Prevention solutions to automatically encrypt sensitive data being moved onto removable media devices or residing in emails and files.

Products and Technologies:
  • HP Atalla Network Security Processor - HSM;
  • HP Atalla Information Protection and Control-IPC;
  • HP Atalla Remote Key Management;
  • Symantec Endpoint Encryption-PGP.
Applications Security

Public and private sector organizations around the world are high risk targets for attacks and penetrations of their IT systems. These attacks can cause significant financial impact to an organization. They target areas of weakness in the application, middle tier (database) and the infrastructure layers of your IT systems.

And thus The need for application security services is being driven by several factors including the introduction of:
  • Services Oriented Architecture (SOA);
  • Pervasive computing devices;
  • Wireless devices;
  • Smart cards (EMV);
  • Biometrics.
Understanding and balancing security risks with business needs and implementing solutions that reduce the impact of security exposures will enable companies to conduct business with higher confidence.

We deliver solutions and services necessary to help organizations build trusted electronic relationships among customers, employees, business and trading partners and shareholders. We will work with you to address the challenges of security, privacy and trust with a simple, structured approach.

Our applications security offering provides a specialized, layered application threat protection for medium and large enterprises. The solution delivers integrated web application and XML firewalls to protect your web-based applications and Internet-facing data; it also provides automated protection and layered security from sophisticated attacks such as SQL injection, cross site scripting attacks, and data loss.

Products and Technologies:
  • HP Fortify Static Code Analyzer;
  • HP Fortify on Demand;
  • HP Fortify WebInspect;
  • IBM AppScan Source;
  • IBM AppScan Enterprise / Standard;
  • IBM DataPower Web Security Gateway.
Web Security

Securing data against increasingly sophisticated attacks—and attackers—is an ongoing arms race. At the same time, businesses are embracing cloud, mobile, and social applications that improve competitiveness but also increase risk. IT teams must transform their approach utilizing next-generation web security that includes:
  • Comprehensive threat intelligence to identify malicious content, even when hidden by encryption
  • Multiple anti-virus databases to block known threats
  • Whitelisting to allow known-good traffic through without further analysis
  • Dynamic malware analysis that sandboxes unknown traffic
  • Extension of the security perimeter through a global cloud infrastructure
Deepen your defenses with a lifecycle approach. The Heartbleed virus and the target data breach are recent reminders of a harsh reality: Advanced threats are evolving just as fast as security technology. To stay a step ahead, you need a comprehensive, next-generation approach to web security that integrates security policies and technologies across the enterprise, harnesses intelligence to detect and address the most critical threats, and provides the insight needed to quickly resolve targeted attacks. so you can keep the upper hand against attacks and transform fear into business empowerment.
Web Proxy and Content Control

As workers become increasingly mobile, today's enterprise is more vulnerable to online attacks than ever before. Even just one unsecured laptop can put your entire infrastructure at risk.

IT people are in a great demand to control all the critical elements of Web and data security. Such controls include:
  • Who is authorized to access specific Web sites, sensitive content, or applications;
  • What data is critically important to your organization and should be protected from accidental or intentional leaks;
  • Where to allow users to go online;
  • How online resources can be used safely and productively by the business.
Understanding and balancing security risks with business needs and implementing solutions that reduce the impact of security exposures will enable companies to conduct business with higher confidence.

Our security solutions provide a complete control over all your web traffic, delivering world-class threat protection. Robust features include user authentication, web filtering, data loss prevention, inspection, and visibility of SSL-encrypted traffic (including the ability to stream decrypted content to an external server with an Encrypted Tap license), content caching, bandwidth management, stream-splitting and more.

Products and Technologies:
  • Blue Coat Proxy SG Secure Web Gateway;
  • Blue Coat Content Analysis System “CAS”,
  • Blue Coat Malware Analysis Appliance “MAA”;
  • Blue Coat Director;
  • Blue Coat Management Center;
  • Blue Coat Reporter;
  • Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliance;
  • IBM DataPower Web Security Gateway.
Encrypted Traffic Security

Encryption technologies such as SSL and HTTPS are supposed to improve network security. But all too often, they provide a hiding place for advanced attacks.

Today, 35% or more of enterprises’ network traffic uses SSL / TLS encryption. Encryption protects data from being viewed in transit over the Internet—but it also creates a significant blind spot for advanced malware that may passes your security defense layers if it’s unable to inspect encrypted traffic.

Now you can enforce your policies with encrypted traffic, reduce the data security risk of web, cloud and mobile applications, protect privacy, and ensure compliance without sacrificing the scalability and performance end users demand.

We offer serval Encrypted Traffic Management solutions that decrypt SSL and HTTPS traffic and direct payloads of interest to a variety of sophisticated security mechanisms, including Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), malware analysis, and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) while avoiding the 30 -80% performance degradation often seen in HTTPS visibility deployments.

Products and Technologies:
  • Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliance;
  • Blue Coat Proxy-SG SSL Inspection;
  • Blue Coat Encrypted TAP for Proxy-SG;
  • Fortinet NGFW SSL inspection.
Web Anti-fraud Security

While financial institutions are racing to provide customers with the most intuitive and satisfying online banking experience, professional cybercriminals are racing to develop ever more sophisticated malware to take full advantage of each new opportunity for online fraud.

Powerful new attack techniques you may well already have experienced in action like; web page infiltration, Fake pop-ups (phishing), transaction tampering. All these techniques begin by uploading malware, usually in the form of Banking Trojans, to your online banking system. And this malware is typically introduced through your system’s most vulnerable point – your customers. The attackers begin by infecting your customer’s own device, then use the customer’s online connection to you as their point of entry.

We offer a fraud prevention solution that helps you keep your users protected & secure – so you can deliver a frictionless user experience, combat more fraud and grow your digital operations – no matter which devices your customers use; includes server side protection; mobile devices, either in cloud or on premises , with client agent or agent less deployment scenarios.

Products and Technologies:
  • IBM Trusteer Apex;
  • IBM Trusteer Rapport;
  • IBM Trusteer Mobile;
  • IBM Trusteer Pinpoint;
  • IBM Trusteer Mobile Risk Engine;
  • F5 Web Fraud Protection;
  • HP ArcSight PCI Logger;
  • Kaspersky Fraud Prevention.
Web Applications Security

The increasing sophistication, frequency, and diversity of today’s network attacks are overwhelming conventional stateful security devices at the edge of the data center, Which is mandating a modern threat mitigation platform to provide a complete protection from the bottom to the top of the network stack , Using advanced techniques that provide bidirectional protection against malicious sources, DoS attacks and sophisticated threats such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, buffer overflows, file inclusion, cookie poisoning, and numerous other attack types.

That is why we offer several WAF solutions that enable organizations to protect their apps from OWASP top threats, application vulnerabilities, and zero-day attacks. Furthermore to gain the flexibility they need to deploy Web Application Firewall (WAF) services close to apps to protect them wherever they reside—within a virtual software-defined data center (SDDC), managed cloud service environment, public cloud, or traditional data center.

Products and Technologies:
  • Fortinet-FortiWeb;
  • F5-BIG-IP ASM;
  • F5 Silverline Web Application Firewall (WAF);
  • IBM DataPower Web Security Gateway.
Infrastructure Security

As workers become increasingly mobile, today's enterprise is more vulnerable to online attacks than ever before. Even just one unsecured laptop can put your entire infrastructure at risk for data loss and corruption.

IT people are in a great demand to control all the critical elements of Web, data, and messaging. Such controls include:
  • Who is authorized to access specific Web sites, sensitive content, or applications;
  • What data is critically important to your organization and should be protected from accidental or intentional leaks;
  • Where to allow users to go online, and where sensitive data can be sent safely;
  • How to allow sensitive data to be communicated and how online resources can be used safely and productively by the business.
And thus; security controls and measures should be embedded holistically across networking, virtualization, mobility, and cloud in your data center.
Cyber Security

ATP solutions will enable you to rapidly block, detect, analyze and respond to advanced malware, other cyber-attacks that target data centers and also today’s indirect threats missed by traditional defenses, across all major threat vectors – network/web, email, and file systems. With its integrated intelligence that helps prioritize threats with rich contextual insights, to stay informed on the threat landscape and the attackers.

We offer Advanced Threat Protection solutions that integrate sophisticated technologies to deliver a lifecycle defense that protects your network against the full spectrum of security threats. This solution safeguards your organization against advanced persistent threats, detects both known and unknown malware, and automates the containment and resolution of incidents that have occurred. This makes it possible for day-to-day security operations and advanced security teams to work together to protect and empower the business.

Products and Technologies:
  • FireEye for network and web security;
  • FireEye for email security;
  • FireEye for file content security;
  • FireEye for EndPoint;
  • Blue Coat WebThreat;
  • Blue Coat MailThreat;
  • Blue Coat FileThreat;
  • Blue Coat content analysis system;
  • Blue Coat malware analysis appliance;
  • Blue Coat SSL visibility appliances;
  • Solera Networks forensics and incident response products;
  • Fortinet Advanced Threat Detection Appliances and Services - FortiSandbox.
Security Assessment and Exposure Management

Modern digital business have a diverse and evolving attack surface. To understand your businesses exposure at any given time you need a comprehensive view of all your vulnerabilities - one that responds to changes in the threat landscape, changes in your environment, and changes in how you categorize risks.

Managing your risk of a breach starts by identifying all the places that are vulnerable to attacks and systematically reducing your exposure. Before you can prevent a breach you have to know all the ways you're likely to be attacked.

Understanding your business exposure to threats starts with gathering all your vulnerability data from servers, endpoints, mobile devices, and web assets in one place. In order to prioritize what risk to address, you need more data - the context of your controls and configurations program, plus the validation of compliance programs and offensive testing. Providing context makes the data more useful and turns a laundry list of vulnerabilities into something you can prioritize and address.

Our threat exposure management solution gives you the confidence you need to understand your ever-changing attack surface, focus on what matters, and create better security outcomes.

Products and Technologies:
  • Rapid7 Nexpose;
  • Rapid7 Metasploit;
  • Microsoft EMET.
E-Mail Security

Vendors and enterprises alike are faced with a new e-Mail threat landscape, where spam is increasingly laced with malware and where targeted attacks have become more common. IT professionals have a lot to consider, both in terms of technology and best practices, as they deal with the growing e-Mail security challenges.

We deliver a proven, powerful messaging security solution for any sized organization, from small businesses to carriers, service providers, and large enterprises.

We offer solutions that provide the flexibility to extend on-premises e-Mail security to the cloud to reduce server load by offloading spam-blocking, virus scanning, virus quarantine, and other security tasks to hosted services on the Internet — helping to free up your IT resources in order to focus on business-related operations.

Products and Technologies:
  • Fortinet Secure Mail Gateway-FortiMail;
  • FireEye for email security;
  • Symantec Email Encryption-PGP;
  • Blue Coat MailThreat.
DNS Security

DNS traffic has increased tremendously with the advent of Web 2.0. The complexity of web applications and mash-ups necessitates 10-50 times more DNS lookups per page than before. In addition, content delivery networks (CDNs) and load balancing technologies depend on DNS to redirect clients to the best content location and therefore expire clients’ DNS caches frequently, resulting in more DNS lookups. Email and anti-spam solutions use DNS lookups heavily. New IP applications including IPTV, VoIP and others have increased the use of DNS.

In addition, DNS is increasingly a target for distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) and other types of cyber-attacks, which can generate huge DNS loads. As a result, service providers must engineer their networks to scale with ever increasing DNS loads in order to maintain adequate performance and security for their subscribers. DNS appliances have emerged as the solution of choice for large enterprise networks to provide highly resilient, high performance DNS solutions.

That is why we offer a secure, carrier-grade DNS solutions that can detect and mitigate DNS attacks, block malware communications, and keep services running—even while under attack. So your brand stays intact and customers stay up and running.

Products and Technologies:
  • Infoblox Internal DNS Security;
  • Infoblox External DNS Security;
  • Infoblox DNS Firewall;
  • Fortinet-FortiDNS.
Network Visibility and Security Resilience

Today’s networks are under tremendous pressures. User expectations for high performance and innovative applications are ever-increasing. So too are the frequency, magnitude, and sophistication of security attacks that your adversaries are launching to attempt to infiltrate your network, steal data, or disrupt operations.

Network Packet Broker (NPB) is a category of compact, hardware-based devices that offer a new approach for handling and manipulating network packets. NPBs optimize the access and visibility of traffic from one or many network links to monitoring, security and acceleration tools. NPB capabilities include:
  • Aggregation of monitored traffic from multiple links/segments,
  • Filtering and grooming of traffic to relieve overburdened monitoring tools,
  • Load-balancing traffic across a pool of tools,
  • Regeneration of traffic to multiple tools.
Achieving a secure network that is resilient to attack requires the selection and deployment of security devices such as firewalls, next gen. firewalls and intrusion prevention systems. To meet the expectations for application performance, devices such as load balancers, application controllers and performance monitoring tools should be also deployed in the network.

That is why we offer solutions that focus on helping to ensure security resilience and application performance in your network.

Products and Technologies:
  • Ixia Packet Brokers;
  • Ixia Bypass Switches;
  • Fortinet FortiTap;
  • Fortinet FortiBridge;
  • Ixia IxLoad attack;
  • Fortinet FortiTester.
Network and Datacenter Security

Prevent network intrusions while making applications available. Avoid zero-day attacks and automate policy enforcement.
Next Generation Firewalls

Security threats are continually evolving with increasingly complex attacks, including but not limited to blended threats, intrusion attempts, viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, gray ware, adware, denials-of-service attacks, etc…

This undeniable fact is making the implementation and maintenance of security mechanisms a major challenge. Next-generation solutions must provide integrated multi-layered security services executing on purpose-built hardware accelerated platforms that are dynamically updated and supported by dedicated threat research centers that rapidly respond to new and emerging attacks.

Our high-capacity data center firewall solutions deliver exceptional throughput and ultra-low latency—enabling the security, flexibility, scalability, and manageability required of a data center edge or core platform. Either appliance or chassis-based solutions that combines a high-performance firewall with the flexibility to enable fully integrated UTM personalities (such as VPN, Intrusion Prevention, Anti-malware, Anti-spam and URL filtering)—providing extensive protection profiles for in-depth defense.

Products and Technologies:
  • Fortinet-FortiGate NGFW;
  • Palo Alto Networks-NGFW;
  • Fortinet Internal Segmentation Firewall (ISFW);
  • Fortinet-FortiManager;
  • Fortinet-FortiAnalyzer;
  • HP Tipping Point-NGFW.
Intrusion Prevention Systems

Hacking attacks initiated from the inside of a given network by a dissatisfied employee, or by a hacker via an Internet connection, are facts of the IT world.

Most organizations require security solutions to help them protect to network from:
  • Internal and external attacks;
  • Unauthorized access attempts;
  • Misuse or disclosure of confidential data.
While at the same time, allowing network security administrators:
  • To provide access controls, alarms, event reporting;
  • To eradicate network attacks before they reach critical assets.
Our offering includes several Enterprise Intrusion Prevention solutions that are designed to protect your important IT business resources and sensitive data, that can be installed at the network edge or at the network core to protect critical business applications from both external and internal attacks.

We provide an in-line IPS device that is inserted seamlessly and transparently into the network.

As packets pass through the IPS, they are fully inspected to determine whether they are legitimate or malicious. This instantaneous form of protection is the most effective means of preventing attacks from ever reaching their targets.

Products and Technologies:
  • HP TippingPoint NGIPS;
  • Fortinet-NGIPS.
Secure WAN and VPN

Distributed enterprise organizations are using more public cloud services, videos, and mobility to drive business needs—resulting in tremendous growth in network traffic. Therefore, to optimize WAN investments, many organizations are looking for a hybrid approach to WAN connectivity, leveraging both private leased lines (MPLS) and low-cost Internet, without compromising security.

Given the widely distributed nature of many enterprise environments, the ability to quickly provision, scale, and control policy is critical.

Organizations can use the public Internet as the backbone for their communications network infrastructure, achieving global reach and significant cost savings, while maintaining the security of internal communications.

Our solution offering includes WAN and VPN solutions that allow distributed organizations of all sizes to be connected and secured. We offer a fully integrated and complete end-to-end solution for connecting networks and users together, while also detecting and eliminating a wide spectrum of threats and malicious activity.

We offer our customers a broad range of options for establishing VPNs in both major categories by supporting IPsec, SSL-TLS, and L2TP VPN technologies which lower the total cost of ownership, and provides the most possible flexibility.

Products and Technologies:
  • Fortinet-NGFW;
  • Fortinet-ADC;
  • Fortinet-FortiManager;
  • Fortinet-FortiAnalyzer.
Endpoint Security

Protect all your endpoint devices and minimize risk inherent in a mobile workforce while centralizing and consolidating management tools to reduce costs.
Endpoint Protection

In today's economy balancing the ease of doing business with endpoint security is a challenge. Endpoints are no longer bound to an office desk in a controlled environment. Employees are increasingly installing unauthorized and illegal applications on laptops and PCs which can cause increased support calls, performance issues and downtime. And, malware and targeted attacks are on the rise.

Solid endpoint protection requires a proactive and complete approach that provides true defense-in-depth and is flexible enough to balance user productivity and convenience together with enterprise security needs.

Our offering includes end-point solutions to protect your organization against malware attacks before they occur, by proactively controlling the applications executing on your desktops, laptops, servers, kiosks and POS systems. Stopping malware such as: viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, bots, zero-day threats and root-kits, etc…; Preventing security outbreaks, thus reducing administrative overhead and lowering total costs of ownership for endpoint security.

The solutions adhere to the following concepts:
  • Scan for and remove all known malware to establish a clean environment;
  • Identify and organize all endpoint applications and executable into predefined management groups;
  • Use an application white-list approach to ensure that only authorized and trusted applications can run on endpoints;
  • Continue blocking known malware and use behavioral analysis tools to assess new unknown code which may or may not be legitimate;
  • Monitor the effectiveness of endpoint security policies in real time and identify potential threats by logging all application execution attempts and recording all policy changes and administrator activities;
  • Report/Demonstrate policy compliance and ensure software license compliance by drilling down on suspicious behavior for security or legal follow-up;
  • Report on malware prevention and remediation on behavior of unknown or suspicious code and on current threat levels.
Products and Technologies:
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection;
  • Heat Endpoint Management security suite;
  • Lumension Endpoint Security;
  • FireEye HX for Endpoint;
  • Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection;
  • Fortinet-FortiClient;
  • Fortinet-FortiManager.
Wireless Security

More users, more devices and more apps. As Wi-Fi becomes the preferred access method, you need secure, enterprise-class Wi-Fi that delivers a superior experience for all users and devices. We offer the industry’s most comprehensive secure access portfolio with the enterprise performance, control and scalability you need.

Our offering combines high-performance Wi-Fi with advanced security to protect organizations against cyber security threats and data breaches at the wireless access layer, as well combined with management wireless controllers to optimize traffic across wireless access points and client devices to provide high performance and predictability while addressing enterprise demands for wireless connectivity.

Products and Technologies:
  • Fortinet Wi-Fi Access Points;
  • Fortinet Cloud Wi-Fi;
  • Fortinet Infrastructure Wi-Fi Controllers;
  • FortiGate NGFW Integrated Wi-Fi Controllers.
Mobile Device Security

Mobile productivity is no longer a luxury—it’s fundamental to support a happy and productive workforce. As employees increasingly expect to be able to work from anywhere, on any device, your organization must move beyond the constraints of fixed locations and standard PCs to enable new freedom and flexibility in the way people work. Enterprise mobility management solutions allow your organization to securely provide access to the apps and data people need to do their jobs effectively no matter where they are or what devices they use.

Security is often the first reason IT pros look for a mobility solution, but workforce productivity is equally important. The key is to make the right applications available on mobile devices—and avoid the temptation for people to seek unmanaged workarounds that put the organization at risk.

That is why we offer solutions that help you deliver any app to meet security and compliance requirements.

Products and Technologies:
  • Citrix XenMobile;
  • Citrix XenMobile Enterprise Mobility Management;
  • IBM Fiberlink Maas360;
  • Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite.
Security Operations Management

Integrate information from various security disciplines. Connect your security processes with your business processes.
Security Information, Events and Log Management

Security Log management can benefit an organization in many ways. It helps ensuring that security records are stored in sufficient details for an appropriate period of time.

Routine log reviews and analysis are beneficial for identifying security incidents, policy violations, fraudulent activity, and operational problems shortly after they have occurred, and for providing information useful for resolving such problems.

Logs can also be useful for performing auditing and forensic analysis, supporting the organization's internal investigations, establishing baselines, and identifying operational trends and long-term problems.

That is why we offer the most comprehensive Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) solutions that enable cost-effective compliance and provides advanced security analytics to identify threats and manage risk, so you can protect your business.

Products and Technologies:
  • HP ArcSight SIEM Solutions;
  • Fortinet FortiAnalyzer;
  • Fortinet FortiManager;
  • HP TippingPoint SMS;
  • Fortinet-FortiMonitor;
  • Microsoft System Center Family;
  • Microsoft Operations Management Suite;
  • Microsoft System Center Operation Manager;
  • SolarWinds Log and Event Manager.
Network Configuration, Monitoring and Management

Every day network becomes more complicated and distributed among different datacenters, Branches and remote offices,

Network performance and availability monitoring becomes more and more difficult and needs specialized tools that can
  • Monitor network availability and performance
  • Monitor the travelling traffic categories
  • Monitor WAN links availability and performance
  • Display network diagrams and MAPs to simplify alerting and monitoring
  • Maintain configuration backup and monitor configuration changes
We at work with the leading vendors in Network monitoring solutions to provide our customers with the ability to well monitor and manage their networks

Products and Technologies:
  • SolarWinds Network Performance Management;
  • SolarWinds Network Configuration Management;
  • SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer;
  • Infoblox Automation Change Manager
  • InfoBlox NETMRI.
Security Audit and Change Management

Is your network security policy properly enforced by each firewall? Which firewall rules are not used and therefore can be eliminated? If you are tasked with configuring your firewalls, these are a few of the questions you have been asked. Analyzing dozens of firewalls for rule conflicts or potential security gaps is no easy matter. Regular firewall audits are necessary to keep firewalls secure, compliant with policies, and operating at peak performance.

Your security program needs to keep you steps ahead of cyber threats, Prevent cyber criminals from stealing assets and disrupting services, Troubleshoot access and availability issues in record time with a complete map of the entire network topology to visualize problem areas and identify gaps.

That is why we offer the most comprehensive and effective solutions for firewall audit and change management to meet these goals.

Products and Technologies:
  • Skybox Firewall Assurance;
  • Skybox Network Assurance;
  • Skybox Vulnerability Control;
  • Skybox Change Manager;
  • Quest Change Auditor for Active Directory;
  • Quest Change Auditor for File Servers.
Security Analytics

Build a workplace compliance reporting solution with continuous audit at the endpoint, identify activity changes with early detection (Who, What, When and How) of which activity has changed, fast resolution with enterprise-wide real-time analysis of security incidents. Detect security threats in real-time with alerting on unblocked malware, unauthorized or unknown software, unusual route, unusual traffic to external perimeter or critical servers, unauthorized access, and unusual activity compared to similar roles in the same department (user profile), identify threats proactively with future protection scenarios based on precise and contextual insight of unusual patterns.

Our security analytics solutions identify security policy breaches and inappropriate access of services to improve user awareness and education to promote a culture of security among all employees by implementing non transparent controls, enforcing a better business practices concerning the handling and transmission of sensitive data and identifying possible data theft or leakage with a primary value proposition of changing user activity.

We have a special focus on the end-user IT analytics across all endpoints, users, applications and network connections, all the time, in real-time. That utilizes self-learning, mapping and patterns to understand how all applications and services are delivered to the end-user’s (physical and virtual) endpoints including quality of service, compliance metrics and security threats. For depth in defense security it provides an additional safety net for end-user and endpoint security. IT departments use this enterprise-wide solution with real-time analytics to detect non-compliant and unusual activity, which represent possible security threats and risks.

Products and Technologies:
  • Nexthink End-user Analytics;
  • Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics;
  • Fortinet-FortiMonitor;
  • HP ArcSight Analytics;
  • Blue Coat security Analytic Platform “Solera Networks”.
Security Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Protect your reputation, manage risk, and achieve regulatory compliance by replacing disparate governance functions with an integrated set of services.

In today's highly regulated business environment, many organizations are struggling with the rising cost of achieving compliance and the growing audit burden.

A multitude of internal and external requirements, including but not limited to PCI, HIPAA, NERC, FISMA, Red Flags Rule, SOX and frameworks such as COBIT and ISO27002, are addressed within organizational silos, leading to redundant workflows and an inefficient allocation of resources.

To demonstrate compliance and stay competitive in this business environment, organizations should leverage an IT-GRC software solution that centralizes streamlines and automates their compliance and IT risk management workflows.

Our offering includes a compliance control and management solutions that has the following capabilities:
  • Map Business Interests to IT Resources;
  • Identify and Recommend IT Control Assignments;
  • Harmonize Multiple IT Controls and Compliance Requirements;
  • Identify and Prioritize IT Risks;
  • Automate the Assessment of Technical Controls;
  • Ensure a Centralized Knowledge Repository;
  • Measure and Report on Multiple Regulations;
  • Assign and Manage Remediation Responsibility.

Products and Technologies:
  • IBM OpenPages IT Governance.
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