About Websense

Websense, Inc., a global leader in web filtering, and a recognized provider of web and desktop security software, is preferred by leading Fortune 500, Nikkei 225, and the FTSE 100 customers, as well as government agencies and educational institutions.

Websense uniqueness

Websense products increase employee Internet productivity and secure organizations from emerging threats by providing a proactive component that complements traditional security solutions.

Only Websense delivers flexible, integrated policy enforcement at the Internet gateway, on the network and at the desktop.

Websense provides solutions trusted by organizations worldwide with 24+ million seats under subscription.

Learn more about Websense. Please visit: www.websense.com

Nile.Com and Websense strategic partnership

Nile.Com has partnered with Websense in order to provide its customers with modern Web Security Solutions as well as Data Leakage Security Solutions.

Web Security Solutions

The business landscape is very different than it was even five years ago. The wide availability of Web connectivity and new Web technologies allow work to happen anytime, anywhere and have created exciting opportunities for communication and collaboration. While these Web technologies allow companies new ways to be more competitive, they have also created a security nightmare for IT security teams. The challenge lies in allowing access to these technologies safely without compromising the security of your corporate assets - including confidential information - and simply blocking employees from these new technologies is not an option. To secure the Web world, your business needs intelligent Web security solutions that offer real-time intelligence coupled with powerful, flexible policies.

Data Leakage Security Solutions

Everyday intellectual property and confidential data are on the move throughout your organization. But how can you be sure the information isn't leaking into the wrong hands?

Websense Data Security Suite is a powerful, spot-on solution that prevents data leaks and helps secure your competitive advantage by enhancing compliance, managing risk and improving business processes.
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