Never before have the pressures and expectations placed on IT departments been so great. In an ever-changing global marketplace, companies are looking for every opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and simultaneously grow revenues, profits, and customer loyalty. IT is playing a critical role in supporting those efforts.
Unfortunately, many IT departments struggle to fulfill the expectations placed upon them as facilitators of strategic progress. One reason is that many IT departments' heads find that the majority of their time and budget is spent maintaining what they already have, instead of developing new strategic capabilities. In fact, according to many analysts' estimates, up to 80 percent of IT budget is currently spent on maintenance.

One of the primary factors causing this imbalance is IT complexity.

Most IT managers must deal with multiple desktop, server environments, storage and networks, in addition to the integration of legacy and modern systems and workloads, as well as various point solutions that have been deployed to support and manage these systems. Unfortunately, these point solutions often add their own level of complexity for IT.

Amplifying the problem is the pace of change that organizations face today. Whether in business, government, or nonprofit sectors, technological innovation and global competition, in addition to various other factors, create a dynamic environment where it becomes more difficult for IT to meet changing needs on a timely basis. Consequently, aligning current business requirements and IT priorities becomes a constant point of friction—and the less agile the IT organization, the greater the potential for misalignment.

Nile.Com helps customers build efficient, secure and optimized IT infrastructures in a logical sequence with a multiple set of cutting-edge technology solutions.

Our Key Infrastructure Solutions include:


Your Business faces a range of IT challenges. Energy costs are rising so you need to manage energy used for power and cooling. You need your IT to be reliable and flexible in the aim of supporting your business through changing times. You also need to simplify management of your datacenter in order to reduce administration costs.

Infrastructure Solutions require hardware that can meet the following requirements:
  • Value - to reduce your IT costs;
  • Quality - to help you keep your critical applications running;
  • High performance - to keep your business productive;
  • Ease of use - to allow your IT staff to focus on business innovation rather than on mere IT administration.

Nile.Com End-to-End Hardware Solutions and Added Value:

Nile.Com offers Storage Hardware and Servers with the latest technology based on Intel and Linux/AIX platforms from the following product lines:
  • IBM SAN (Storage Area Network) solutions that help you drive innovation and create a dynamic, scalable infrastructure;
  • IBM NAS (Network Attached Storage) appliances, which offer high-performance storage for a dynamic scalable infrastructure on a Local Area Network;
  • IBM Disk Storage Systems that address your growing emphasis on energy efficiencies and ensure performance to meet your business demands;
  • IBM BladeCenter that is helping companies in every industry sweep complexity aside by integrating blade servers, storage and networking;
  • Power Systems is the name of IBM's Unified Power Architecture-based Server Line, merging both System i and System p server platforms, and running either IBM i (formerly i5/OS and OS/400), AIX or Linux operating systems;
  • IBM x86 Servers for Windows and Linux, which are designed to deliver exceptional availability, simplified manageability, outstanding performance and revolutionary scalability.

Products used:

  • IBM SAN (Storage Area Network);
  • IBM NAS (Network Attached Storage);
  • IBM Disk Storage Systems;
  • IBM BladeCenter;
  • Power Systems;
  • IBM System X (x86 Servers).
Directory Services

Active Directory provides the means to manage the identities and relationships that make up your organization's network. Integrated with Windows Server Systems, Active Directory gives you out-of-the-box functionality needed to centrally configure and administer system, user, and application settings.

Nile.Com Directory Services Solutions and Added Value:

Nile.Com provides various solutions based on Active Directory including:

  • Domain Services that are needed to centrally configure and administer system, user and application settings;
  • Active Directory Federation Services that allow organizations to authenticate users from partner organizations and also to simplify integration between untrusted resources and domain resources within your own organization;
  • Active Directory Certificate Services to encrypt data during transmission across unsecured network connections. Storing the certificate and private key within Active Directory helps securely protect the identity of users and computers;
  • Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services to provide directory services for directory-enabled applications.

Products used:

  • Windows Server Operating Systems.
File & Print Services

Managing a file infrastructure is a familiar IT headache and the pain is shared with users and business decision makers alike when it becomes apparent that this key enterprise resource is wasting space, money, and time.

Thus, the need for better access to data and simplified access to file shares and best utilization of printing equipment's across a network-wide infrastructure is crucial.

Nile.Com File & Print Services' Solutions and Added Value:

Nile.Com implements DFS (Distributed File Services) in Active Directory by integration with File and Print Services on servers across the organization to build a Distributed File System infrastructure to replicate files which speeds up file access and accelerate your business operations.

The File Service Resource Manager is used to apply policies which control permissible file types and data storage quota; and to monitor and report on File Services usage. These policies help cut down storage cost. Windows Server File Services can integrate fittingly with Unix Systems.

Products used:

  • Windows Server Family;
  • Active Directory Service.
Data Management

Issues of data archiving and increased compliance regulations demand that enterprises properly secure and access their electronic communications. Coupled with this are issues related to server limitations and the archival problems that arise from mailbox management. We offer scalable storage integration solutions that help you adhere to compliance issues while leveraging existing email investments. You can ensure that your enterprise lowers operational costs while mitigating risk.

Nile.Com Data Management Solutions and Added Value:

Nile.Com provides a solution to automate the migration, storage and retention of unstructured information in accordance with IT policies while:
  • Improving performance;
  • Reducing costs;
  • Simplifying management.

We maintain your exchange database size from being enlarged which may lead to e-Mail performance degradation. Furthermore, we add archiving functionality to your Exchange Server: Users can access their archived data from where it is stored and protected from accidental deletion. e-Mail Archiving frees up space from Exchange databases resulting in enhanced performance.

Nile.Com also offers a solution that helps you archive information on fileservers and SharePoint data which reduces costs associated with search operations and collection of electronic data by creating a centralized and indexed archive that can be searched on demand.

Products used:

  • Symantec Enterprise Vault;
  • Microsoft Exchange Archiving Services.
Messaging Infrastructure

IT decision makers believe that e-mail is a mission-critical application for their organizations-without e-mail, business stops. They need their messaging systems to be up and running and protected against spam and viruses. They also need assistance in meeting the requirements imposed by new regulatory regimes.

As workforces become increasingly mobile, employees require the flexibility to access their inboxes regardless of where they may be. They need an integrated, seamless way to access their vital business communications such as their e-mail, calendar, and other vital information whether they are at work or away. They want to spend more time getting work done and less time coordinating the logistics of their lives-booking conference rooms, setting up meetings, searching for information in e-mail, and switching between different messaging systems.

IT staff need support as they strive to do more with less. Time, money and resources are in short supply so they need more efficient ways to deploy and manage their messaging systems. They are looking for ways to reduce the complexity of their systems and get more performance from their infrastructure.

Thus e-mail is a valuable and convenient business tool. However, if your e-mail infrastructure is not chosen carefully and correctly, it can be the source of hassle, wasted time, spiraling costs, and even risk to your business.

Nile.Com Messaging Solutions and Added Value:

Nile.Com offers messaging solutions grounded on Microsoft technology as well as all exchange high availability supported scenarios and with a tight integration with our mail security and protection solutions against viruses, spam and other email threats. We also provide coexistence between Microsoft exchange server and other messaging platforms.

Exchange Server is the main underlying element in our messaging solutions; that provides flexible options to tailor deployment to unique needs and provides a simplified way to help keep email continuously available, gaining and retaining the following benefits:

  • Superior choice of storage hardware options, from traditional storage area networks (SAN) to low-cost, desktop-class direct attached storage (DAS), helps tailor Exchange infrastructure;
  • Unified approach to high availability and disaster recovery, such as Database Availability Groups and online mailbox moves, helps reduce the complexity and cost of delivering business continuity;
  • Integrated email archiving, with flexible and granular retention policies, powerful multi mailbox search and discovery capabilities;
  • Broad administrative tools such as role-based security model, self-service capabilities, and the Web-based Exchange Control Panel help lower operational costs by reducing the burden on IT staff;
  • Integrated, out-of-the-box email archiving gives tools to preserve email data without changing the experience for users or IT staff;
  • A retention policy framework allows IT staff to define, deploy, and automate the expiry and archiving of email data and provides users with the flexibility to select and apply retention policies to individual messages or folders;
  • Transport Protection Rules to help organizations safeguard sensitive business information by allowing IT staff to automatically apply information rights management (IRM) policies to both email and voicemail messages;
  • Time-saving inbox management tools such as conversation view and MailTips that help users more easily organize and prioritize communications;
  • Voice access to email, speech-to-text previews of received voice messages, and the flexibility for users to create customized voicemail menus, and call handling rules to ensure callers are given the right priority;
  • The best user experience available through Outlook on the desktop, Outlook Web App in the Web browser, and Exchange ActiveSync, the de facto industry standard for mobile devices.

In conducting in-depth interviews with multiple existing customers for Exchange Server , it was found that these customers achieved cost avoidance of storage, reduced cost of high availability, cost avoidance in voicemail, savings in backup systems, fewer help desk calls, cost avoidance of mobility, enhanced communication security, and simplified compliance and legal discovery, among other benefits.

Products used:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server;
  • Microsoft Forefront Protection for Exchange;
  • F5 Load Balancers;
  • KEMP Technologies Server Load Balancer;
  • Citrix NetScaler ADC.
UC Infrastructure

The need for a communications platform that is virtually accessible anywhere, arises as organizations are growing bigger, workplaces are changing, teams are becoming more distributed and communication costs are dramatically increasing!

Nile.Com offers integrated UC solutions using Microsoft Lync Server, Microsoft Office Communications Server, Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging, multivendor IP voice gateways and UC endpoints.

Nile.Com also provides green field IP telephony solutions using multi-vendor analog & digital IP voice gateways, desktop phones and SIP phones.

Now a days; UC solutions are a viable alternative to traditional PBX's, that provide easy, a reliable and cost effective way to communicate via almost all known means of communication using a single client through which users can get direct access to instant messaging, audio/video conferencing, data conferencing, audio/video calls and PSTN access, e-mail and voice mail.

Nile.Com UC solutions functionality and benefits:
  • Find the right person to connect with, view their presence, and then communicate with them in the most effective way-via voice, video, or sharing an application like PowerPoint;
  • Stay connected from virtually anywhere, without requiring a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection;
  • Communicate with context from Microsoft Office applications, like Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft Office applications, for a richer collaborative experience with consistent presence;
  • Schedule a meeting from Microsoft Outlook and join through Lync client via the PC, phone, or Web interface;
  • Create an audio and video meeting that enables participants to share presentations, annotate slides, superimpose text and use visual pointers, for more effective discussions;
  • Create ad hoc meetings, moving from an IM conversation, for example, to a Live Meeting, directly from the Lync interface;
  • Federate with public IM networks, allowing workers to use their corporate identities to connect to customers and partners;
  • Enhance or replace your traditional PBX systems, and extend these capabilities outside the office via Internet access without requiring a VPN connection. This, includes common calling features such as auto-answer, forward, transfer, hold, divert, release, and park, and also includes support for legacy devices and a broader range of IP and USB user devices from our partners;
  • Conduct online conferences that can be recorded for offline viewing, where users can access the conference from internal LAN using live meeting client, or from outside the corporate network;
  • Access the conferences using dial-in conferencing features;
  • Utilize your existing audio/video infrastructure. Conferencing interoperability enables you to use existing infrastructure including room systems and high-end conferencing solutions;
  • Integrate with existing PBX systems, Lync Server works with almost any PBX system either through Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) or qualified gateways, and integrates with qualified third-party SIP Trunking Service Providers.

We help customers capitalize their existing investment by integrating with their existing IP telephony infrastructure from Cisco, Nortel, Avaya, or other, enabling users to make VOIP inbound & outbound calls interfacing with PSTN and Mobile Carriers. Users can make and receive calls, direct from and to their endpoint devices; their presence is enabled and they have the facility to add voice mail functionalities to the existing IP telephony using Exchange Unified Messaging.

Products used:

  • Microsoft Office Communications Server;
  • Microsoft Lync Server;
  • Microsoft Exchange Server;
  • Office Live Meetings;
  • NET Voice Gateways;
  • PolyCom UC Devices;
  • Citrix NetScaler ADC;
  • KEMP Technologies Server Load Balancer;
  • F5 Load Balancers.
Portal Infrastructure

Improving organizational effectiveness is an unrelenting need for most business owners. Portals and Collaboration solutions provide comprehensive content management and enterprise search, accelerating shared business processes, and facilitating information-sharing across boundaries for better business insight. Portals support all intranets, extranets, and Web applications across an organization within one integrated platform, instead of relying on separate and fragmented systems.

Additionally, this collaboration and content management solution provides IT professionals and developers with the platform and tools they need for:
  • Server administration;
  • Application extensibility;
  • Interoperability.

Nile.Com Portals and Collaboration Solutions and Added Value:

Nile.Com provides advanced solutions for Portals; we build SharePoint portal sites customized for your business and we provide workflow creation and customization which, aligned with your business processes, will offer you various benefits.

Products used:

  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server;
  • Microsoft SharePoint Designer;
  • Microsoft Visual Studio;
  • Microsoft InfoPath;
  • Microsoft Office;
  • Microsoft SQL Server;
  • KEMP Server Load Balancers;
  • Citrix NetScaler ADC;
  • F5 Load Balancers.
Enterprise System Management

Business growth has fuelled the need for optimally managed IT infrastructure that would increase efficiency and ROI while reducing administration overheads. The rich partnerships with Microsoft, IBM and Symantec enable Nile.Com to provide enterprise system management solutions

Our professionals have to their credit a good implementation share from all leading EMS vendors.

Our Professionals are accredited for their participation in Implementations of Enterprise Management Systems from leading vendors like IBM and Microsoft.

Through years of partnership with Microsoft and IBM and other technology leaders, we have gained accumulated experience in the course of co-operation in implementing mission critical and time-bound projects for enterprise customers.

Nile.Com Enterprise System Management Solutions and Added Value:

Nile.Com provides a solution to easily manage your IT assets and to provide you with the ability to check your hardware for compliance with a desired predefined baseline standard.

Using the desired configuration management, the system reports both configuration and compliance status of all machines.

Nile.Com also provides a solution for fixing compliance issues by integrating between Microsoft NAP and Configuration Manager to add remediation server functionality utilizing automated software distribution and patch management to non-compliant NAP Clients.

Products used:

  • Microsoft System Configurations Manager;
  • Microsoft System Center 2102;
  • Quest Foglight;
  • Windows 2008 Server Family;
  • IBM System Management Products;
  • Symantec System Management Products.
Enterprise Operations Management

Customers seeking to reduce the cost of data center management across server operating systems and hypervisors require a monitoring system with a single familiar and easy to use interface.

Operators can gain rapid insight into the state of both IT environment and services running across different systems and workloads, through numerous views that show:
  • State, health and performance information alerts generated according to some availability;
  • Performance, configuration or security situation being identified.

With an adequate operations management system, customers are also able to improve their availability and performance metrics through enhanced service level monitoring, while their IT operations staff will be able to have improved access to the key functionality they need to maintain and enhance the service they deliver to their end users.

Nile.Com Enterprise Operations Management Solutions and Added Value:

We provide end-to-end data center operations management solutions that monitor Microsoft and non-Microsoft systems.

Nile.Com offers Microsoft System Center Operations Manager which provides state-of-the-art monitoring and reporting for infrastructure services by creating, configuring and customizing product specific management packs.

Products used:

  • Microsoft System Centre Operations Manager;
  • Microsoft SQL Server;
  • Third party Management Packs;
  • Microsoft System Center Service Manager;
  • Microsoft System Center 2012;
  • Quest Foglight;
  • VEEAM ONE for VMware;
  • VEEAM ONE for Hyper-v;
  • Savision Live Maps for System Center;
  • SolarWinds Network Performance Monitoring.
Service Management

In today's IT world, enterprises are struggling with high costs of IT compliance and lack of integrated knowledge and reporting. The Service Manager is an integrated platform that facilitates centralized incident, problem, and change management.

The Service Manager helps organizations:
  • Restoring service faster;
  • Reducing downtime;
  • Significantly enhancing IT services.

Nile.Com Service Desk Solutions and Added Value:

Nile.Com offers a solution for Service Desk with Service Manager containing built-in processes based on industry's best practices for incident and problem resolution, change control, and asset lifecycle management.

Through its configuration management database (CMDB) and process integration, the Service Manager automatically connects knowledge and information from:
  • System Center Operations Manager;
  • System Center Configuration Manager;
  • Active Directory Domain Services.

Products used:

  • Microsoft System Center 2012;
  • System Centre Service Manager;
  • System Centre Configurations Manager;
  • System Centre Operations Manager;
  • Active Directory.
Traffic Shaping, Optimization and Caching

WAN Optimization technologies enable you to accelerate the delivery of internal, external and latency-sensitive real-time applications to distributed users across the extended enterprise - resulting in faster decision making and enhanced competitiveness. WAN optimization provides the comprehensive application and user control required to contain network bandwidth costs and enhance business productivity, while providing the flexibility to align network investments with changing business requirements.

Nile.Com Traffic Shaping, Optimization and Cashing Solutions and Added Value:

Nile.Com offers WAN Optimization Solutions to help effectively build a branch office infrastructure services by monitoring, analyzing then shaping traffic between data centers and branch offices leading to a better WAN usage by cashing information and controlling which traffic are allowed to pass through the WAN link.

Products used:

  • Bluecoat Packet Shaper;
  • Bluecoat Acceleration Editions.
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